Yes,my ancestors did dat & I can do it too!!!

Yes, Let's talk about Black Excellence!

African American Inventors deserve the spotlight 24/7!

Nanette Lucien

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African American Inventors deserve the spotlight 24/7!

I often wondered why "Black History Month" was in the shortest month of the year... Like

really? I certainly didn't take it upon myself to discover and learn the history because I

figured as a youth, that’s how it should be. But as I got older, the topic became so

fascinating to me. I found myself in absolute shock and excitement at our vast and vital

contributions to everyday things that we all took for granted...Wow, we did dat!!, but why

am I finding this out at the tender age of ...(none ya bizness 😉) I felt so much pride that I

shared the same ancestral bloodlines as such mental giants. Then I thought Wow, the joy

and pride I felt knowing these facts as an adult. How would our new generation feel? Would

it make a difference? You bet it would. If the schools refuse to educate them, isn't then our

duty to uplift and evoke pride and imagination in our national little treasures...If they don't

know who's fault is it? This is our history and legacy left to us, to improve upon, use and

celebrate. Every time you open your mailbox, use the dustpan to clean, sitting in your car

waiting for the traffic light to change, eat a potato chip, Ladies putting that perm on our

scalp (I did appreciate it back in my crack cream days) and the list goes on, and on and on.

African American inventors contributed vital things to aid us all in our daily lives, and the

vast majority are unknown and forgotten. And let's not forget many patents were denied

due to skin color, and countless invention ideas were stolen by the slave owners. I'm just

here to say It wasn't just peanut butter; our history is so rich and vast that we need to

celebrate it 24/7. Myancestorsdiddat is a conversation starter for the kids. Who’s that on

your shirt? Who's that on your bag? This needs to be part of the daily conversation while

educating their classmates as well. No! You certainly do not have to purchase any of my  

products, I also have a free resource page with puzzles,word searches for download & printing.

Our featured inventors bios are also up for viewing under the blog section.We will highlight different

inventors every six months.Our goal is to engage kids and provide tools to aid them,this goal was in mind

while creating the website,fun and colorful for those logging on just to learn...which in my book, is good enough for me!